Wells Spirals Frequently Asked Questions


General Info/Cost

How many pieces will our new spiral be?

Each spiral is one piece. No assembly is required.

What is the cost and weight of a custom spiral?

A black 5'3" diameter spiral that is 9'3"high costs $3,727 and weighs approx. 500 lbs. Delivery and sales tax are extra if applicable.

What is the difference between a Wells Spiral Stair and a kitted spiral?

There is a big difference between the two types of spirals. Our spiral is one piece and requires no assembly. The spiral is very solid to walk on and requires no maintenance. A kitted spiral requires assembly of approx. 275 pieces. The fasteners need to be checked annually for tightness.


What do I need to do first?

Measure the floor to floor distance as well as the available finished diameter. Think about the on off positions that you want. See our Gallery for more examples.

How big should the floor opening be for a spiral?

The finished opening should be at least 3" larger than the diameter of the spiral. This will give clearance between handrail and walls.

Can I order any color paint for my spiral?

Yes, you can order any color we use Benjamin Moore primer and top coat, we will need to know your sheen preference (Matte, Gloss, or Semi-Gloss) at time of ordering.

What is the surface of the steps and landing?

The steps and surface are 12 gauge steel. You may order smooth or diamond plate. Diamond plate has raised bumps and is anti-skid. Diamond plate steps are no additional charge. (most customers order diamond plate for spirals that are outdoors)

Can I have carpet or wood on my steps?

Yes, we can punch small holes in the vertical surface in preparation for carpet. We can punch holes in the horizontal surface in preparation for wood steps. Next, you or your contractor add the wood steps or carpeting.

Can I put a spiral off my deck?

Yes, we do a lot of spirals off wood decks. Many of the spirals we have built are installed on lake properties, where a spiral is suited because it is easy to see through and takes less space on a narrow lake property. The time and cost to make a wood staircase is usually more than to purchase and install a metal spiral.

What if I want a different design spiral than shown on your website?

Show us what you want, we will build it. We make each spiral to specification.

What if I want railings or gate to match my spiral? Can you do this?

Yes, we make lots of matching railings and gates.

What is the difference between your railings and railings I might see at a local big box store?

Our wrought iron railings are custom. The materials and weldments are much more heavy duty.

Do your spirals conform to building codes?

Spirals 5'0" in diameter and larger conform to BOCA Code, UBC, Code, IRC 2003, IPC 2006, IBC 2006 and IFC 2006 building codes. Standard opening between steps and pickets are less than 4 inches.

Can a spiral survive outside in winter?

Yes, our outdoor spirals are primed and painted with oil based paints. If a spot is observed please take care of it sooner than later. Think "a stitch in time saves 9". We have one spiral that has been outside our Genoa City office since 1962. It has been painted a handful of times and is in like new condition.

Can my outside spiral be attached to a cement stepping stone?

Yes, as long as the cement does not move. The home owner or contractor normally takes a post hole digger and digs to below frost line, and fills with cement. The spiral stands on the cement base and secures to that.

Can you make a spiral that goes from the basement to the first floor and then continues up to the second floor?

Yes, we make two spirals. The upper one telescopes into the lower and then locks. We have made them 52 feet high with 5 spirals.

What else do you do, besides spirals?

We make railings for steps, balconies, walkways, ramps and gates for walkways and driveways. Please see our gallery for projects that we have made. We are open to special projects also.

What is the most unusual spiral you have made?

We made a miniature spiral for a cat to get up onto the clients deck. Wish we had a picture of this spiral!

How do I order a railing or gate?

Measuring for a railing or gate can be a bit tricky. For a stair railing, precise measurements are needed so the railing fits properly. Same for a gate. Locally, we are happy to come out and measure for you. Outside of the area, we are happy to work with you or your contractor to assist. See our How to Order info or call us.

Why do you use a corner landing on your spirals?

A spiral that has a landing that covers 60 degrees of a circle, can be made with one more step than a spiral with a 90 degree landing. An extra step reduces height between steps and makes a more comfortable stair to walk on.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we often deliver within 150 miles of Genoa City. When over that distance we may use interstate trucking.

Can we pick up our new spiral?

Yes, a 5'3" diameter spiral that is less than 10' long will fit in a pickup with an 8' bed. A larger spiral can be put on a trailer. We will load and tie down.

How much is shipping if we live far away?

The shipping costs are based on distance. If you are shipping more than one, shipping costs decrease greatly. We need the diameter and height, as well as the zip code of the destination and we will get the cost for you. We ship coast to coast in the US.

How do I get a spiral into my house?

A 5'3" diameter spiral can enter a house thru a 36" wide door by turning the spiral thru the opening. Sliding doors can also be an option. Please send a drawing or picture or your project and we will work with you. In some cases, we recommend a 2 piece spiral for tight locations.

Do you install the spiral?

No, typically we work with you or your contractor to explain installation. Installation of a spiral takes about 45 minutes. If you are ready to unload and install when we deliver, we are often able to guide you through the install process. Our record is 32 minutes from when we pull up to when the touch up is complete and everyone walks away. (this was with a contractor that installs a number of spirals each year)

What tools do I need to install my spiral?

You will need an electric drill and a socket wrench. Many people use hammer drills into concrete.

Do you ever have sales?

Our off season is in the winter. Placing an order during this time frame may decrease your overall cost - depending on our workload.

We also work with contractors or builders that place larger volume orders.